Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Painting Flowers Like Georgia O'Keeffe

Bear Paw Studio - Betsy Bear Creations
Art Mini-Camp - June 4 - 7, 2012

painting by Cinnamon, 10.5 yrs

I'm happy to have six wonderful young artists in my first art mini-camp this week, and the fun has already started!  First the studio had to be reconfigured and materials organized so that we could work easily together.

The camp includes all the art materials and a light snack each day.  

Today we had strawberries, nectarines, animal crackers, and a juice drink.  That should give us plenty of energy to learn and paint!

Our schedule and sample wall shows that we will study Georgia O'Keeffe on Monday, using tempera paints to make "Ginormous Fowers" in her large, bold style.  Tuesday we will learn about Andy Warhol and the pop art movement.  Our project will be some "Popping Art" designs done with marker in four different colors schemes.

Wednesday we will use chalk pastels to do our self-portraits in Pablo Picasso's cubist style.  We'll have fun looking at some of his other portraits, admiring his unique art style of using two different perspectives at once.  Thursday will be focused on Vincent Van Gogh and his art.  We'll use oil pastels to make our very own "Starry Night" painting.  Maybe it will be worth millions someday too.

And, the painting fun begins!

Cinammon, 10.5 yrs

Emma, 7 yrs

Kaylee, 8 yrs

Melody, 8 yrs

Gretchen, 8 yrs

Hailey, 8 yrs

And all the artists and flowers together make a beautiful bouquet!

Here's the second batch of flowers we painted, to refine our styles a bit more.  They turned out fantastic, and Georgia O'Keeffe would be proud, I'm very sure, of these young artists!







We'll be back soon with another report on our next lesson!  Please check back to see what we've accomplished.



  1. You're having too much fun. I like the grouchy ladybug shirt!


  2. It was great fun to see all those colors and flowers come to life with that tempera paint. Maybe I should try using it instead of watercolor, or maybe it's time to move to oils.

  3. you can also mix in polymer medium with the tempera to make it stronger. Great Work! I had Cinnamon as a student last Spring.

  4. Thanks, Sue. That's the same as gloss medium, right? I did add a little of that and it helped. Cinnamon learned a lot from you and loved your classes, I can tell!