Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Andy Warhol Pop Art Designs

Bear Paw Studio - Betsy Bear Creations
Art Mini-Camp -  June 4 - 7, 2012
Day 2

This lesson is about Andy Warhol and the pop art movement he inspired with his designs.  We read a book about his early life and how he got to be such a great artist.  The best part was learning that he paid a friend $50 so she would tell him her idea of how to get famous with his art.  She said to paint money, lots of money, and Campbell soup cans!  And he did just that, painting big sheets of one dollar bills and stacks of soup cans.  He painted lots of other other things, too, and all his designs were simple, bold, and many were repetitive, just like things in our lives.

Here's Emma's finished "Popping Pot Art" project.
Emma, 7 yrs

This project required some careful thought and concentration.  First lines had to be drawn on four 5"x5"' papers using a small ruler guide.   Getting those lines straight was a challenge.  After about 9 - 10 stripes were created, we used a template to trace a simple shape in the center of each paper.

Then, we had to color in two contrasting colors for each paper, making sure that the colors alternated between each stripe, and also reversed between the foreground and background.  It was a a lot of work to keep track of what color would go where.

Gretchen is working on her black-white design.

Hailey is enjoying her project with a big smile, as always!

Hailey's star design is lovely.

Cinnamon is working on a bright, yellow heart.

Kaylee's star is looking good.

 And Medody is using pink and gray for her star design.

 Everybody works hard to do their four designs.

And the results are definitely "Popping Pop Art," ala Andy Warhol!  Aren't they fantastic?

Cinnamon, 10 yrs

Emma, 7 yrs

Gretchen, 8 yrs

Hailey, 8 yrs

Kaylee, 8 yrs

Melody, 8 yrs

Congratulations to all the artists for their hard work!  Art is a process, and they are making lots of progress along their journey!

Tune in later for some great Picasso self-portraits in the next lesson!



  1. This is absolutely adorable! The kids obviously worked so hard. "Popping Pop Art" is definitely the best way to teach them about basic color theory, designs, and art in general.

  2. Thanks, Charles, for responding with your comment. You are absolutely right in that they worked hard and learned so much!