Thursday, June 7, 2012

Van Gogh's Stars

Bear Paw Studio - Betsy Bear Creations
Art Mini-Camp - June 4 - 7, 2012
Day 4

It's the last day of camp, and Van Gogh is our artist to learn about and emulate today.  
oil pastel "Starry Night" by Gretchen, 8 yrs

But first, we enjoy eating some smiling snacks before diving into the art books, oil pastels, and Starry Night.

Eating always helps artists work better.  This is a theory I've tested many times.

After reading about Van Gogh's short life and art, we get out the oil pastels and some blue paper to create our paintings.  We look closely at Van Gogh's painting, noticing the church and tree in the foreground, and how Van Gogh used short, lively strokes to make the swirls and spirals come alive with movement.  We try to do the same, a few changing Van Gogh's tree shape to a spruce tree like the ones that grow around North Pole.  The stars look the same everywhere, so we don't need to change them.

Danielle, 9 yrs.

Cinnamon, 10 yrs.
Gretchen, 8 yrs

Hailey, 9 yrs

Kaylee, 8 yrs

Melody, 8 yrs

Emma, 7 yrs
Afterwards, we paint Van Gogh's sunflowers . . .

Danielle, 9 yrs

Hailey, 9 yrs
. . . .or look through the many art books we had used throughout the week to read more about our favorite artists.  It is sad to learn that Vincent Van Gogh had such a unhappy life and sold only one painting while he was alive.  

Emma enjoys a popsicle with her art.

Popsicles, friends,  and art--life is good!

Kaylee  looks over Van Gogh's work.

Hailey and Danielle

We do a little writing before our rides come.

Lastly, we take some group photos before everyone leaves, so we will remember our fun week together at art camp!

The artists with their work!

L to R: Cinnamon, Gretchen, Melody, Emma, Mrs. Bear, Kaylee, Hailey, Danielle

I hope to see these artists back again for my next art camp!  It was a great week of creating and learning about great art.


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