Sunday, June 15, 2014

Inuksuks, Ted Harrison, and More!

Kid's Art Camp - June 9 - 13, 2014

Watercolor Fun - Ready, Set, Paint!

Day 5 - Inuksuks, Ted Harrison, and Moon Birds!

Ted Harrison's art with Inuksuk
Born in England in 1926, Ted Harrison migrated to Yukon Territory, Canada where he taught middle school and painted engaging scenes of life in the far North using bright, bold colors and simple shapes.  The figure in his painting above is an Inuksuk, or Innunguaq, a cairn-like rock formation used by the Inuit peoples for communication or as a trail marker. 

We learned a little about Ted Harrison's life,

looked at a lot of his cool art,

played around a bit building our own cairns and Inuksuks,

and finally got down to some fun painting in Ted Harrison's style!  We used crayon to draw in many layers for the land and sky.

 Then we some strong warm colors in the sky and cool colors for the land.

We used sets of cake paints today, so we didn't have to mix our own colors (Yay!).

We cut an Inuksuk out of black paper to glue in the foreground of our paintings.

Then painted two more Inuksuks in the distance, getting smaller and lighter to show that they were in the middle and background.

by Melody

Our paintings all ended up very bright and beautiful!






With the extra time we had, Danielle, Hailey, and Madyson painted some stunning birds in silhouette.




I loved the beautiful flowers that Danielle and Hailey brought me on the last day as way of thanks!  Love these girls!

That's all for this art camp.  See you next time!

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