Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Excursion Inlet 2012 - Spoofing Around

July 2012
Excursion Inlet, Alaska:  Spoofing Around with the Bears

It is time for my annual trip to southeast Alaska for a little painting retreat at our summer cabin in Excursion Inlet.  I can't resist poking a little fun at our humble little get-away and rustic lifestyle there.  While this post is very tongue-in-cheek, much truth lies within the humor.  Will you be able to tell truth from spoof?  Probably so.

Adventures at Bear Cove Resort-Spa, July 2012

Arial view of our Bear Cove Resort-Spa at Excursion Inlet from our private jet.

We are cleared for landing at the local international airport, where there's no TSA, body-scanners, or landing delays--unless a bear decides to cross the runway.

The baggage handler looks surprisingly familiar.  I think I know that guy!

These two worked together to build the expressway to our cabin, through bottomless pits of quick-mud, slippery slime, and monster trees.  

Ahhh, no traffic jams or road-rage here.

At last we reach the Bear Spa-Resort!  The beach here is rebounding at 1.5 inches per year, thanks to receding glaciers in nearby Glacier Bay.  Thanks, global warming, for the extra land!

Opportunities for physical exercise abound and dress is casual-grubby at this down-scale resort.

Resorters Robin and Cate take advantage of some smooth water with a kayak outing.

My art studio doubles as the harbor-master's office.  The harbor master doubles as the property manager, athletic director, and substitute chef when the main chef is busy painting.  The artist-in-residence doubles as the housekeeper and pastry cook when she feels like it.

Just off the main cabin are the luxury guest quarters, otherwise known as the bath house.  

This guest cabin has a queen bed, private bath, 

and a sleeping loft--all with an ocean view.

Another spa amenity: a wood-fired hot tub.

The view from the hot tub is inspiring, and Polar-Bear club members don't have far to run.

Columbine adds a splash of red along the walking trails.

Daisies and berries grow thick around Bear Cove, 

looking wet and wild,

. . . they love that southeast rain.

Seals, sea-lions, otters, whales, eagles, bear, deer, moose, and salmon hang out  here, too, and frequently put on displays for us to enjoy.  The resort photographer has been remiss in her duties, however, so photos aren't available at this time.  

Check back soon.


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  1. I enjoyed your spoof..how fun to relive the moment through your pictures. Frank could supply a few whale and eagle pictures if you like. He has a beautiful one of the channel marker in front of Fairweather mountains.