Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Life Outside the Studio - May Travel

A short trip south was on the agenda in mid-May, to check up on our snowbird nest near Tucson and attend my father's 90th birthday celebration and family reunion in southern Utah.

 It was very warm in Arizona but we enjoyed some sightseeing at the Sonoran Desert Museum and visits with friends while there.

Prickly pear cactus blooms.

Another desert flower.

Saguaro Cactus.

An habib, or desert dust storm, approaching in the distance.

Bighorn sheep at the Sonoran Desert Museum.

A pair of mountain lions.

 Javalina Siesta.

An uninvited rattler being captured and relocated.

My, what big BAT EARS you have Betsy!

Just a normal look for this guy.

A short trip north for my father's 90th birthday and quick family reunion in Southern Utah provided the bonus of meeting up with two of my favorite artist friends, Spike Ress and Carl Purcell.  Carl just happened to be in Cedar City for a workshop and bumping into him at the restaurant was such a delight!  Rubbing shoulders with both these accomplished artists at once was a real treat for me. You can enjoy their beautiful paintings at and  Take a look!

Me, with artist friends Carl Purcel and Spike Ress

Back in Tucson, the Mexican Bird of Paradise in our front yard were starting to bloom, and the gorgeous colors made us go photo crazy.

A little hot and late in the season for us snowbirds, but we do love the flowers!

Shortly after this, we hopped on a jet and flew back to our much cooler North Pole abode, where we are savoring memories of the nice family reunion, milestone birthday, and good times with family and friends!




  1. Loved your pix. Your mom & dad look well. Sounds like you had a good time and got to see lots of family & friends. OOOOO like your colorful trees picture. Is it a watercolor? Been on the go since we've gotten back. Now maybe I can stay home for a couple of weeks & get things done. Are you glad to be back to your "real home"? Gup & Dale

  2. Hi Gup & Dale, Yes, it's been good to be back in Alaska to get away from the heat, smoke, and fires. We are having a rainy summer here so far, so don't have to worry about wildfires here yet. Loved the pictures of the reception that were posted on Fb. You both looked great!