Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Summer Catch of Watercolors

In spite of being smack in the middle of prime salmon and halibut fishing grounds, I don't really care to go fishing much unless the sun is out and the water calm.  I'd rather leave foul weather fishing to the experts in my family while I stay dry at the cabin and paint all day.  Fortunately, that usually gives me quite a few long, relaxing days to paint and come up with a good catch of new paintings:

My new paintings from around Excursion Inlet:

(detail of painting below)

Dock Time

(detail of painting below)

EXI Cannery Dock

(detail of painting below)

Eagle at Excursion Inlet

Our Inlet Cabins

Paintings from around Fairbanks, Alaska:

Fairbanks House

(detail of painting below)

St. Joseph's Church, Fairbanks

(detail of painting below)

Cushman St. & Museum, Fairbanks

Cranes at Creamer's Field, Fairbanks

Wilderness Cabin

And, of course, I must paint flowers to be happy:





Many of these pantings will be included in my October show at the Fairbanks Community Museum.  I'll post more details about the show soon, so please check back.

Betsy Bear

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  1. I love your paintings. They get better and better every year. Thanks for sharing your expressive talent.