Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Painting with Carl Purcell - Day One


Watercolor Workshop:  Carl Purcell's Summer Snow

Ephraim, Utah'Snow College is the location of Carl Purcell's Summer Snow, a two week workshop for aspiring watercolorists  Fairbanks watercolor friends Sherry, Dawn, and Phyllis, along with New Yorker friend, Jan, met up with me to attend the 2011 workshop and further our artistic development with Carl's guidance.  Here are some highlights from the first day of the workshop.

We all relish Carl's wonderful painting advice, stories, jokes, poetry, and even the occasional Danny Boy sung in great form, as we silently hope and pray that we can put a bit his teachings into practice.

 Carl's first demo painting, reflected in the overhead mirror, is taking shape.  The subject is one of the many quaint farmhouses found around Sanpete Valley.  

The Alaska contingent has a photo op on the comfy couch perched in the very back of the demo room.

After the demo, Betsy works intently on an exercise

while Carl and Annie confer about her work.

Jan looks like she's having just too much fun. . . 

Sherry is just too serious. . . 

and Victoria expertly sketches Mr. Buster.

 Jan and Dawn start their masterpieces,

while Phyllis dabs some paint on hers.

We all work on our paintings several hours after lunch before the daily critique at the end of the day.  Here you see all the paintings piled up ready for the big reveal.

There are so many excellent paintings from the class I wish I could include them all.  Here are ours and one by another classmate and author, George Durrant, our token male painter:






and George

 More news about the workshop and our extracurricular excursions coming soon.  Please check back!


  1. Thanks Bets....what a nice souvenir. I loved meeting everyone and sharing ideas. Carl provides the best and most applicable learning experience I have every had. Fun social times too.
    Nice to have contact with kindred spirits.
    Suzan Rasmussen, Fairview, Utah

  2. Thanks for the comments, Suzan. It was hard to pack up and leave all the art behind for a while.